Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Chronology Page

We have added a Chronology Page to this blog. It will be updated as we receive additions, clarifications, corrections, and other information from people who knew Vance. You can upload this under "Comments" below, or email your information to
We appreciate your input. Thank you.

From Kermit Breyer, Centennial, Colorado

March 01, 2010
I met Vance on June 15, 1996 at the Alfred Packer's Festival in Littleton, Colorado. From that time on we became good friends and he spent several summers in Colorado where he participated in many art shows and "camped out" at my house. He was a very generous person with a heart of gold. I, and several others in Colorado, will miss our summer get-togethers and have many memories of our friend. He is and will be missed.
Kermit Breyer,
Centennial, Colorado

Friday, April 30, 2010

Letters from Vance

Note the new page on this blog, "Letters from Vance." I will be periodically posting letters from my collection, which date back to 1970.

This letter from Vance he sent on our 54th birthday, June 2005.
The "new hunk" he is referring to is my good friend, NY artist Walter Gurbo.
Along with this letter Vance sent a crystal "Gemini" paperweight. He is comparing it to the crystal photographs of Masaru Emoto.