Monday, March 29, 2010

A Special Valentine from Sandra May Stevens

February 15, 2010

YESTERDAY, I planned to send a Valentine to you to say how often I think about you during the year, How much I miss you. That I hope your life is full of love and whatever feels successful to you, whatever feels like prosperity and wealth.

And I waited to call a friend until yesterday, but, in the morning his family called to say that he had passed away, departed the earth, alone in his bed a few days before and found on the 14th.

I had made my Valentines for you of ribbons and bows with glitters and feathers at his house in AZ in years past. My thoughts of Valentines, and messages slipped away as I thought of him and his life. He wasn't sure about an after life, uncertain about spirit enveloping us with a profound continuation of our essence when we depart this earth to experience more than we can see from this side of the veil.

I sent him my love, as I send to you now. And I send my need for you to know how you have touched my life, and that I would be less without our past. That I long for more of you in my future. That I hope and pray your days and nights are full of love, joy, that you never feel alone, or lonely.

I treasure our friendship and your thoughts of me yesterday and always!

With loving sparkles,
Roshan/Sandra May

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